Your Dentist in Wichita Falls Debunks 3 Myths About Root Canals

April 19, 2018

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myths and factsRoot canals (often called root can therapy) have become a concept that makes shivers of fear run down the spines of anyone who has ever had a toothache. In fact, this treatment is sort of the boogeyman of the dental world. But does root canal therapy really deserve its bad rap? Your dentist in Wichita Falls is here to dispel some common myths about this treatment and help you realize that it is actually a very good thing!

Myth #1: It Is Better to Have an Extraction Than a Root Canal

Some people opt to have a tooth pulled rather than undergo a root canal in Wichita Falls. However, it is always, always better to try to save a tooth if possible because:

  • Missing teeth can lead to other oral health problems, such as misalignment and even gum disease.
  • Although an extraction may cost less than a root canal upfront, the price of replacing missing teeth ultimately makes extraction the more expensive option.

Of course, the final decision regarding your treatment rests with you. However, if your dentist suggests a root canal, we urge you to think carefully before you make your choice.

Myth #2: Root Canals Are Painful

No, root canal therapy does not turn your dentist’s office into a torture chamber. In fact, thanks to modern advances in dental technology, the procedure should be completely painless. We’ll numb the area around the tooth so you won’t feel a thing while we’re working. If you have some anxiety regarding the procedure, we even offer oral sedation in Wichita Falls to help you relax during your treatment.

You might be a little tender and swollen after your root canal, but the discomfort should be easy to manage with some mild painkillers and a little TLC for your mouth.

Once you’re healed from your procedure, you’ll probably be in less pain than you were before the treatment. That’s because during root canal therapy, we gently clean out the infected or damaged part of a tooth’s interior. We also remove the nerve that was sending pain signals to your brain. Then, we protect the tooth from further harm by placing a crown over it.

Myth #3: A Toothache Is the Only Reason to Get a Root Canal

A root canal is able to relieve the pain from certain types of toothaches, but some folks need this treatment even if their mouth feels perfectly fine. Sometimes, a tooth dies (the vessels and nerves inside it no longer receive adequate blood supply). When this happens, a root canal may be necessary to prevent infection.

Please don’t let the propaganda around root canal therapy fool you; it is a remarkable treatment that can relieve your pain and save your tooth!

About the Dentist

Dr. Shelly Strohman, your friendly dentist in Wichita Falls, wants all of her patients to feel comfortable in her office. If you need a root canal or any other procedure, you can rest assured that she’ll do everything she can to put you at ease during your treatment. Please feel free to contact us at 940-613-0299 with any questions you have about our services.

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