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Young man holding side of faceAs we all know, accidents can happen no matter how careful and diligent you are. When they happen to your teeth, it can be especially stressful. A dental emergency is something that simply can’t wait to be treated, so when you need to get care fast, you can always call Strohman Dental. Dr. Shelly Strohman and our team will leap into action as soon as you call and make an appointment to see you as soon as possible — even the same day!


What Is a Dental Emergency?

There are a number of circumstances that qualify as a dental emergency. They can be quite scary and painful, but it is important that you stay calm and handle the situation with a level head. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, be sure to call us immediately:

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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

calling the dentist

When you are facing a dental emergency, there may be some steps you can take to relieve your pain and minimize the damage to your oral health even before you get to our office. When you call us, our team will walk you through basic first-aid over the phone so we can start helping you immediately. In fact, in order to save you as much time as possible, be sure to put our number in your phone right now, (940)-613-0299, so that you don’t have to look it up while injured.

Here are some examples of the guidance we may give you to help you handle your emergency:

What We Can Do to Help

satisfied dental patientWhen you arrive for your emergency appointment, we’ll assess the situation and design a treatment plan to help your oral health get back on track as soon as possible. Although extraction is always a possibility in dental emergencies, we do all we can to save your smile. A root canal, a new restoration, or other treatments may be able to help your tooth regain its form and function.

Regardless of what type of treatment you need, you can rest assured that we’ll handle your case with compassion and expertise. There is no need to be nervous about your procedure; you’ll be numb while we’re working, and we even have sedation options available for those who suffer from dental anxiety.

After your initial emergency treatment, be sure to follow our instructions for preventing infection and caring for the portion of your mouth where you had work done. You may need to eat a soft diet for a few days and take it easy while you’re recovering. Of course, if you have any post-treatment questions or concerns, you’re free to call us at any time. We may also recommend that you attend follow-up appointments with us. We will want to keep an eye on your oral health so your road to recovery is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

When you need us the most, you can always trust us to be there! Be sure to call us first if you ever have a dental emergency!

Dental Emergency FAQs

decayed tooth with first aid kit and dental mirrorDo you still have questions about emergency dentistry? Dr. Strohman, your emergency dentist, has taken the liberty of answering some of the most common questions we get about dental emergencies. If you’re dealing with an emergency situation, or you have a question that isn’t answered somewhere on this page, then give us a call and ask.

When Should I Go to the Dentist vs the Hospital?

Your first instinct in a dental emergency might be to contact your local hospital instead of our office. However, most emergency rooms don’t have a dentist on staff. While they may be able to prescribe antibiotics or pain medication, they often can’t address the root of the problem like Dr. Strohman and the rest of our team can. For the vast majority of dental emergencies, you’re better off calling us to schedule an appointment right away. On the other hand, if your emergency is life-threatening, such as a broken jaw, profuse bleeding, or extreme swelling, then you should head to the emergency room instead.

Are Dental Emergencies Covered by Insurance?

Because dental emergencies can vary wildly, it’s nearly impossible to discern the cost of treatment without first examining your mouth. In most cases, your insurance will cover at least the partial cost of treatment, but it’s difficult to say for sure one way or the other without your coming in for an appointment. At your visit, Dr. Strohman will carefully and thoroughly examine your mouth and determine what treatment is necessary. From there, our experienced and friendly team will do our best to minimize the amount you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Will I Need a Root Canal?

Believe it or not, root canal therapy is actually one of the most common ways of treating a severe toothache. A root canal is required when decay or damage reach the delicate center of the tooth (called the pulp), where the nerve is located. While this procedure, in which the damaged pulp is removed, has a daunting reputation, the truth is that you have nothing to worry about. Before the treatment begins, you’ll be numbed up with plenty of local anesthetic. In fact, the pain so often associated with root canals typically comes from the toothache that warrants the procedure in the first place.

How Can I Prepare for a Dental Emergency?

The easiest way to prepare for a situation like this is to create a dental emergency kit. This kit can be placed in your desk drawer at work, the glove compartment of your care, or even your purse and should contain the following items:

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