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It is very exciting to be a dentist these days because technology is advancing extremely quickly. With the latest tools, Dr. Shelly Strohman and our team can perform a variety of procedures more quickly, safely, and painlessly. We continually update our office and our knowledge to stay on top of the most modern aspects of dentistry. You can learn a little more about some of the tools we use every day below, and be sure to schedule your next appointment today

Dentist looks at x-ray on tabletDigital X-Rays

X-rays have been an essential part of dentistry for decades because they allow us to spot hidden problems beneath the surface of your teeth. Traditionally, x-rays were film-based, which means they took time to develop, required toxic chemicals, and exposed our patients to radiation. We have updated our office so that we only use digital x-rays. They create images much faster (which can then be instantly shown to you on a chairside monitor), require no chemicals to be processed, and emit 80% less radiation. This makes our patients and our team happy, because remember, we’re around these machines all day!

Dental assistant & patient view x-raysDigital Impression System 3M True Definition

Dental impressions have never been anyone’s favorite part of their appointment. They usually consisted of biting into cold, messy dental putty and just sitting there for a few minutes. This experience was extremely uncomfortable for patients, and even caused many to gag. This simply wasn’t good enough for us anymore, so we decided to upgrade, and now we only take digital impressions. We’re happy to say we’re one of the few practices in the area to do so.

With our digital impression system, the dental putty is gone. You’ll simply place your teeth on a small, handheld device, and within moments, a completely 3D model of your teeth will be generated. This is not only a much nicer experience for our patients, but it also enables us to create much higher quality restorations. The model of your teeth will be more precise and detailed, so your restorations will fit better, which means they will last longer and be much more comfortable.

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