Stress-Free Tooth Extractions For Wichita Falls

Young woman with ocean in backgroundAt Strohman Dental, your dental health is our primary concern. Sometimes, the most expedient and healthy option is to simply remove a tooth. Dr. Shelly Strohman will always try to preserve your teeth, but if the severity of the damage cannot be fixed with a filling, crown, or other treatment, then it may be necessary to perform an extraction. Dr. Strohman will also prescribe medication to alleviate potential discomfort resulting from the procedure.

Dr. Strohman may recommend extractions based on the following issues:

Man receives treatment with two dental toolsSimple Teeth Extractions

A simple extraction can be used to remove teeth that can be seen in the mouth. Most simple extractions are virtually painless thanks to local anesthetic. For patients who need extra relaxation during the procedure, we can also offer anti-anxiety medication.

After a simple extraction, a patient will feel very little discomfort and healing begins almost immediately.

Surgical Teeth Extractions

Dentist and assistant care for younger patientA surgical extraction is usually performed on teeth that are not easily seen in the mouth, as in those that have not erupted fully. The third molars, also known as the wisdom teeth, typically require a surgical extraction. Often, wisdom teeth can become impacted, which means they cannot come in completely. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain, soreness, and even affect the development of other teeth.

Depending on the complexity of the needed surgical extraction, Dr. Strohman may refer patients to a local oral surgeon.

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