Choose the Perfect Dentist in Wichita Falls for Great Oral Care

Dental chair dentist officeWhen it comes to finding the right dentist in Wichita Falls, it’s not as easy as it looks. You can’t simply visit an office one day and “just know” anymore. Especially when there are so many resources available online to help you find your perfect dentist—like your potential dentist’s website.

At Strohman Dental, the dental office of Shelly Strohman, DDS, we know that we’re a great fit for many patients. Since we take a personalized approach and have the training and experience to meet the needs of a variety of patients, we’re the right fit for many different people. Even if our local office isn’t the best fit for you—although we’re confident that it will be—you can follow this quick guide to finding your perfect dentist.

woman smiling dental checkupWhat is the practices focus?

When finding a practice, you should always consider the practices main focus. Typically, you can find your dentist’s top priorities listed on their website under their about page or right on their homepage.  If you feel like you’re digging too deep to try to find the purpose or the practice’s “why” factor, that practice may not be for you. Or, you can always give them a call and their friendly office team member should be able to explain what they hold close to heart.

At Strohman Dental, our treatments geared toward prevention. Preventive dentistry allows us to help patients keep their natural smile and pearly whites shining throughout the years. We’re able to stop most oral health concerns before they begin with excellent preventive care. Plus, we can help address any concerns that arise at their earliest stages with conservative dental restorations.

We offer personalized treatment plans for patients of every age and stage of dental development.

What does your dentist specialize in?

All dentists must complete many years of continued education. Dentists complete doctoral level studies that qualify them to provide general dental services, keeping their new and returning patients smile’s strong and healthy.

However, most dentists also have specialized interests that they have invested more time and money into training. They might also have professional affiliations that support these special interests. If you would like to know more about your dentist’s area of specialty, you can probably find the information on their website. But the best thing to do is simply ask them about what they love to study and practice about dentistry. Most dentists are happy to share why they love practicing and how it helps patients.

After being a citizen of Oklahoma for over a decade, Dr. Strohman couldn’t help but be excited to serve her local community with excellent dental care. She’s been providing high-quality, personalized dental care for 13 years and counting.

Dr. Strohman attended Oklahoma State University before pursuing her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the UMKC School of Dentistry. She also has her Level I Sedation Permit, as well as certification in basic life support and nitrous oxide. As you can tell, one of Dr. Strohman’s areas of specialty is helping patients to relax with sedation dentistry!  This helps her to give back to the community even more—to patients who would otherwise avoid the dental chair.

Having a friendly dentist who can offer excellent services is critical to maintaining great oral health because you’re more willing to participate.

From the moment that you step into a dental office, you should feel welcomed and happy to be there. If you feel anything but, you should be on the market for a new dental practice. A friendly, knowledgeable staff makes the dental experience much more enjoyable and positive from the very beginning.

What services are offered at the practice?

When it comes to choosing your best fit dentist, they need to have the services your smile needs. This should definitely include preventive care like dental cleanings and comprehensive checkups. If for some reason your smile becomes damaged, you can receive restorative care to repair it. In the case that you’re not confident about how your smile looks, most practices have a variety of cosmetic dental services to improve it’s aesthetics. Whatever you need, your dentist should be able to provide you the care. Plus, they can always refer you out to a specialist in the time that you need more intricate procedures or treatments.

woman dental visit officeDoes the dentist cater to your needs—budget, schedule, and lifestyle?

One thing that stops people from ever visiting their dentist is the fact that their practice may not be convenient enough for them—whether it be the location, scheduling, or just adherence to a patient’s lifestyle. When you visit your dentist, you shouldn’t have to constantly reschedule or miss work to receive the dental care you need.

Another concern that keeps patients away from the dentist is the general cost of care—especially if you don’t have insurance. Dental care costs may just be the number one reason patients fall back on for missing dental appointments. Ask your dentist if they are in-network with your current dental benefits plan or if they have other financial options for you to explore.

Schedule your next appointment with us!

If the Strohman Dental sounds like a practice you can picture calling your dental home, you should give us a call! We'd love to have the opportunity to meet with you, discuss your oral health care goals, and help you achieve and maintain your healthiest smile for a lifetime. Our office is proud to offer high-quality preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services that any and every patient can benefit from.

Our office is open during convenient hours and we do our best to adhere to our busy patient’s schedules. Feel free to call our office to have any of your questions addressed right away!

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