Pain-Free Root Canals in Wichita Falls

Young woman holds ice bag to faceTeeth that are severely decayed, infected, or broken may benefit from root canal therapy. Infected root canals often cause severe irritation and pain because they can impact a tooth’s sensitive pulp, which is where the nerve is located. Once root canal therapy has been completed, the tooth will be freed from the corrupted nerve, and a patient will feel complete relief.

When Dr. Shelley Strohman performs a root canal, she will clear out the infection by removing the damaged nerve and the pulp. Special files will be used to ensure the removal of the entire infection and to smooth the inside of the tooth.

After finishing root canal therapy, Dr. Strohman will seal off the area with a specialized material. To protect the tooth from fracture, we recommend the addition of a crown. Placing a crown after a root canal will protect the tooth from brittleness and from further infections.

Not all root canals are the same. Some present difficulties that should be addressed by an endodontist, a specialist in root canal therapy. If your particular situation requires a more complex approach, Dr. Strohman will refer to you a qualified specialist in the area.

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